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Cocktails and haute cuisine at star level

Restaurant Bougainville

Cocktails and haute cuisine at star level – Amsterdam

The signature of interior designer Cris van Amsterdam and Wim van de Oudeweetering is clearly visible in the creation of the unique character of Hotel Twenty Seven. Together they form the design team and they designed numerous mood makers and style elements for both the sixteen luxury suites and the restaurant Bougainville and its cocktail bar.

You step into another world, that is the power of good design

The interior is stylish and very richly furnished. From the lavishly decorated fabrics with which the armchairs and wall panels are covered, to the millions of years old Onyx, a natural stone from Iran, with which the bar is finished. In the open kitchen you will find the ‘chefs table’, a unique place where you can dine with the chef de cuisine. In addition to the special bar and the chandeliers by Brand van Egmond, the bronze steel climate cabinets for the tastiest wines are a real eye-catcher. A visit to Bougainville is truly a sensory and gastronomic experience.

Involved parties:
Casus Casa Interior Design
ZZDP Architecten
Brand van Egmond
Solid Nature
THG Van Apeldoorn en Faber hout
Loggere Wilpower
Maretti Lighting
Bouwbedrijf Steenbeek
Cobra Art
Brandwacht en Meijer
Horeca Techniek Nederland
HomeCouture by Bernie
Wilhelmina van Aerssen


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