Elfshelves ontworpen door interieurontwerper Cris Van Amsterdam

inspired by nature


The Elfshelf is a wall shelf for books and objects, inspired by nature. Organic in shape, like a bracket fungus (‘elf sofa’ in Dutch). Use the Elfshelf as an eye catcher on your wall, or clustered as an open cabinet for items like tableware. The flexibility of the design offers you the freedom to give the Elfshelf the function you desire. The organic shape gives balance to straight lines in an interior. The next step in the development of the Elfshelf is the choice of material; cork, a natural material and lightweight.

The Elf-Shelves are mounted on the wall invisibly, without noticeable support. Even so, it is possible to place an attachment bracket in the same style, to enable the Elfshelf to support extra weight. These heavy items may be books, but also a bronze sculpture or a large size flower arrangement. Use Elfshelves to create special compositions and bring a natural cohesion in your space.

The purpose of Elfshelf is to make it possible for any interior to break free from straight lines. The dimensions of the Elfshelves range from a length of 120 cm, 110 cm, 90 cm or 60 cm and a depth from 34 to 24 cm. Interested send me a personal message.

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