French atmosphere in the heart of Amsterdam


French opulence in the heart of Amsterdam

The ‘nine streets’ in the center of Amsterdam are a pearl richer. Everything is right, the light, the music, the wines and the choice of dishes on the menu. The interior exudes craftsmanship and French finesse.

What started as a small renovation, became a serious makeover, something Cris has been entrusted with. When you walk past, you look through the front, past the long bar and into the back of the shop. My goal was to surprise the audience in a split second and take them to Paris. We succeeded”

French nostalgia, which you embrace and spoil.

The alternation of classic elements, such as the oak paneling and the marble top of the bar, go beautifully with the bronze mirror wall with oak frame, a real eye-catcher. But the Mosaic floor with decorative border and the hand-blown glass lamps are also of the highest level. The elongated bar is the perfect place for a drink and dinner. Entirely after the French example, because then you are really absorbed in the nostalgic, casual French ‘joie de vivre’. tops off the whole.

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L’Atelier du Champagne

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The Mosaic factory 

Bouwbedrijf Steenbeek

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Nationaal Glasmuseum

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Photo’s by: Rob Kater Photography