about Cris van Amsterdam

Character, atmosphere and functionality are the pillars for my interior designs. Large or small, home or office, catering or shop, the entire building or just one room.


Cris van Amsterdam is an expert in his professional field. With a lot of passion and expertise, he designs interiors for houses, offices, catering companies and shops. For a perfect end result, Cris works together with renowned companies and brands and ensures perfect harmony between all parties. Naturally, all this is done in a continuous alignment with the wishes of the client. If you are interested and/or have any questions please contact us. The timely engagement of an interior designer has advantages in both time and money. If you only want advice, that is of course also possible. The biggest challenge lies in opening doors, experiencing space and seeing possibilities. On this site you will meet Cris and get acquainted with his work.



I prefer to work with real materials, materials that you want to touch for a moment. From concrete to felt and from raw steel to solid wood. Material with a strong character and which is durable in use.


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