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Luxury villa with character


Luxury villa with character – Amsterdam

The eye-catcher of this urban villa is rightly the stately cooking island in the open kitchen, designed by Cris. The layering and material choices are daring. The sturdy steel legs and the deep black swamp oak stand out sharply against the light walnut wood and the thin, tapered white marble top. The countless details make it a feast for the eyes and a pleasure to work on.

A design stands or falls with good routing and layout

In addition to the sight lines, Cris has paid a lot of attention to the routing of this villa. You will find custom-made elements in every room, from the open staircase with sawtooth steps and steel banister, to the walk-in closet with recessed handles in the door panels. The various fireplaces provide a lot of atmosphere. In combination with the extensive lighting plan and the hi-tech music system, they make this villa the ultimate living experience.

aast de zichtlijnen heeft Cris veel aandacht besteed aan de routing van deze villa. In elk ruimte vind je maatwerk elementen, van het open trappenhuis met zaagtand traptreden en stalen trapleuning, tot de walk in closet met verzonken greepjes in de deurpanelen. De diverse haarden zorgen voor veel sfeer. In combinatie van het uitgebreide lichtplan en het hi-tech muziek systeem maken ze deze villa tot een ultieme woonbeleving.

Involved parties:
Brand en van Egmond
Solid Nature
Pierre Frey
Rubelli of Venice
Bernie Dekker
Loggere Wilpower
Cobra Art Company Amsterdam

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