L'atelier du champagne

The best bubbles in Amsterdam

L’Atelier du Champagne

The best bubbles in Amsterdam

For the best Champagnes, visit L’Atelier du Champagne in Amsterdam. “Champagne is an experience” and in the former tobacco shop on the Nes it is still about taste and exclusivity. Along the walls, the champagne bottles are presented as jewelery on a wall of light. Cris designed a wall unit for this, in which the shades of the light can be adjusted to the desired setting. The other furniture has also been designed in such a way that the space can easily be set up as a tasting room for tastings.

This is the only champagne specialty store in the Netherlands

The display is sleek and modern, but with the familiar grand gestures with which Cris bends the space to his will, of course in consultation with the client. For example, a terrazzo floor was added, in which the store’s logo is very subtly incorporated, a nod to the tobacco leaves in the facing bricks. The use of color and materials is subdued to direct all attention to the bottles. He positioned the climate chamber, the heart of the business, opposite the wall with bottles. Here the visitor can see how the most beautiful champagnes are stored with the greatest care, behind a wall of steel and glass.

Involved parties:
Rosabian Terrazzo
Fosfor Design
RB Interieurbouw

Website: https://latelierduchampagne.nl

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