Camera Studio – 9 high-end apartments


Transformation former cinema – Utrecht

Sight lines are invariably the starting point in the construction of Cris van Amsterdam’s interior designs. For the 9 apartments that have been realized in the former cinema in the heart of Utrecht, Cris was given all the space to make them unique and special. No room is the same, but they all have a view of the Dom Tower and the Oudegracht.

Sight lines are essential to me. I bring tension to an interior with vistas and layers

The apartments are spacious and look luxurious but very casual, a mix of industrial, warm, earthy and cozy. You don’t have to be wary, you can live.

In terms of material use, Cris likes to play with contrasts. Classic vs raw. In addition to tightly plastered walls, parts are also finished with cement or you can see the brick, with white or black high-gloss paneling against it. Furthermore, he only works with sustainable materials, which last a long time and give a room character. And not unimportant; there must be humor in it, the residents can discover that for themselves.

Cris likes to be inspired by the lofts we know from world cities such as New York and Paris. The bathrooms are black and white, with a lot of contrast, preferably with a freestanding bath. Steel doors with lots of glass ensure that the different areas remain connected.

Involved parties:
Not only white
Jee-O Heat and Design Ad Hoc
Studio Rublek
Aleksandar Rublek
Vasco Vintage 50

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