Space, light and a great view


Light and space are the greatest luxury – Amsterdam

This loft apartment really has it all. Space, light and a great view. A beautiful hallway runs the full length of the apartment. You arrive with the elevator, which is completely finished in style with steel harmonica doors. You can go up one level on either side of the corridor. I built the staircase from volumes of solid wood and travertine. I’ve always wanted to use a staircase in this way and here you can make such a statement. Both sides are slightly different.

I had figurative engravings made on the walls, inspired by the Nazca lines from Peru. The human figures are slightly sunken in the cement. The Mañana floor lamps by designer Marie-Louise Gustafsson, which are casually waiting for you leaning against the wall, complete the picture.

This metamorphosis is the ultimate in my profession

Central to the room is a fully marble-clad wall, containing a gas fireplace with extra high flames. The special drawing in the marble was obtained by sawing different panels from a block of marble. This technique is called butterfly; the panels are unfolded horizontally and vertically as a four-panel.

The wall is the pivot around which everything revolves and divides the apartment into habitats, without losing the spaciousness.

The freestanding bar furniture is also completely custom made. The refinement and the use of materials make it a jewel in the room. The ‘skirt’ is made of vintage recycled leather. The plinth and collar are made of round, curved, dark stained oak. The thin bar top is made of marble. In terms of color tones, it fits together beautifully. A refrigerator is incorporated in the furniture. In short, the ideal place to start or end an evening with friends.

The large windows give this apartment allure, you tower above the city

The large windows all around give this apartment allure, you tower above the city. The kitchen has a prominent place and looks like a ‘workshop’, where everything revolves around preparing delicious food and where you come together. It has become the ultimate meeting place. The two stainless steel extractor hoods are not only functional, but also real eye-catchers. The kitchen island seems to float and is made up of several layers and finished with different types of wood. The thin marble top tops off the whole.

Involved parties :
Natuursteen: Solid Nature
Sanitair: Jee-O Slim line serie
Verlichting: LightBoxx
Aannemer: Maverickbouw
Bouwkundige: Joe Webb Design
Wand materiaal: Viroc Baars en Bloemhoff
Kraan keuken: Gessi, Inciso black metal brushed
Openhaard: Kalfire GP115/75, met extra hoge vlammen
Bar: Eiken met geribbeld leer, gerecycled van: Buxkin

Interieur aankleding in samenwerking met:
Morph Design 
Links & Co. 
Taatsdeuren met scharnieren van Frits Jurgens

Photo’s by: Rob Kater Photography