Colorful living around the corner at the Neude, Utrecht


Colorful living around the corner at the Neude, Utrecht

Three apartments have been built on an enclosed plot with a view of the Neude and the Dom. They are rented furnished and Cris has the honor of giving them a cosmopolitan twist. “I very consciously used color to ground the spaces. New construction often looks sterile and then color is a powerful means of creating atmosphere. Each wall has a different, deep color. Only the ceilings and skirting boards are white. To keep things light, the top strip of the wall is white and seems to merge into the ceiling. The color areas are framed in this way and the furniture comes out beautifully. It’s fun and cool at the same time. I am very happy with the result.”

Color does something to the human psyche, I have deliberately used that.

As a counterpart to the ocher yellow, moss green and fuchsia pink, Cris has designed the bathroom and toilet in shades of gray. The black, industrial taps, radiator and shower head stand out like silhouettes against the mosaic-tiled floor and walls. The strategically placed surface-mounted luminaires and many spotlights ensure that the spaces also come to life at night. “It is the simplicity and the unexpected, in combination with the high level of finishing, that works so well here.”


Participation Apartments Vinkenburgstraat:

JEE-O Kranen

Timberland Vloeren

Mosa Tegelwerk

Morpheus inrichter 

Lightboxx verlichting

Luc Schoenmakers int. Bouw 

Aalberts bouw

Jacco Maris Coco armatuu

Photo’s by:  Chiel van Diest

Adres: Vinkenburgstraat – Utrecht