Cinematic environment


Cinematic environment – ​​Amsterdam

You imagine yourself in another world as soon as you enter the entrance to the Rokin. All walls are covered with a colorful collection of black and white photos with ‘Amsterdam’ as the theme. It has something of a gallery or museum. Cris van Amsterdam pulled out all the stops to realize this cinematic environment. His ideal was a translation of an elevator he once boarded in Paris. An open structure with cast iron railings. The regulations forced him to install a modern glass elevator shaft and to wrap it with steel, which in combination produces an astonishing result.

You briefly play a role in a black-and-white film when you step into the elevator

A thin, concrete ‘mouse staircase’ winds up around the elevator. The solid wooden front doors of the various apartments provide a nice contrast. The doors are finished with decorative ironwork and stained glass windows. The floors of marble complete the whole. What used to be a subdued and somewhat stuffy entrance, Cris has transformed into an entrance with international allure and a touch of Paris.

Involved parties:
Astra Liften
Studio Rublek
Slice of Image
Redstone natuursteen

Photo’s by: Rob Kater Photography | All images are under copyright ©Cris van Amsterdam