The elevator takes you to the apartment



The entrance of this four-storey building on the Keizersgracht is modest and, in addition to being beautifully restored, has also been modernised. The elevator takes you to the apartment. The harmonica doors are beautifully executed and may be seen. Of course there is also an entrance by stairs, but the elevator is a welcome luxury with groceries.

This apartment embraces you like a warm coat

The elongated kitchen with green marble worktop is a real eye-catcher. The separate induction hobs are beautifully incorporated into the top. The kitchen extends into the living room, where it has the function of a sideboard. I covered the volume in which the elevator shaft is located with leather. The back wall of the niche parallel to the kitchen is finished with brass, which creates a warm glow when the light hits it.

This bedroom is located behind the elongated kitchen. This apartment has two! Under the ridge is a true mini spa, in combination with a second bedroom. On either side of the ridge you can either step into the shower or into the two-person bath. Both are beautifully finished with travertine, a freshwater limestone I enjoy working with, loved for its coarse texture and earthy hue. All taps are from the Samuel Heath collection and are made of brass. Creating such an atmosphere remains a pleasure to do.


Photo’s by: Rob Kater Photography