Deze twee Rokin Appartementen zijn ontworpen door interieurontwerper Cris van Amsterdam.

Oasis of tranquility and luxury


Oasis of tranquility and luxury – Amsterdam

The four high-end apartments are located in a former bank office at number 17, on the ‘red carpet’ of Amsterdam. Everything in the room exudes understated luxury. The layout is spacious. The fireplace has a central place and is made of natural stone, surrounded by various niches. This is one of the great gestures with which Cris van Amsterdam gives the space character. His choices for coarse wooden floors with Hungarian point and the custom-made kitchens with steel legs are real atmosphere creators, in addition to the spacious bathrooms. You will immediately feel at home.

I like to work with materials that become more beautiful in use

The use of color and his preference for natural materials give the apartments an exceptionally warm appearance. The walls are finished with wood, natural stone and cement. These cement walls have relief patterns inspired by the Bungehuis in Amsterdam. The industrial-looking partitions and sliding doors of steel glass and shutters provide airy connections between the various spaces. You can imagine yourself in New York, London or Paris.

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Fotografie: Rob Kater Photography  | All images are under copyright ©Cris van Amsterdam